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The Broadcast Barn BCM-1000

Introducing one of the best sounding professional broadcast condenser microphones we've ever heard.

This is Broadcast Barns new BCM-1000 Condenser Microphone designed for professional broadcasting,

voice-over work, sports and newscasting and a killer microphone for vocalists. Operates on standard 48

volt phantom power or the BCM-1000 CC will operate directly into a computers microphone input and

comes complete with XLR to 1/8" cable. The front lights up GREEN when power is applied to mic.

BCM1000 Mounted.JPG

The BCM-1000 comes with a gold plated large 26mm diaphragm and produces superb sound.

There are currently several versions available (see chart below). Connections on the BCM-1000 take

standard 3 pin XLR cables. The BCM-1000 has a practically flat frequency response of 20~20Khz.

It is a front address (cardioid pattern) uni-directional microphone which rejects side and back noise.


Model BCM-1000 - Microphone only - MSRP $149.00

Model BCM-1000-CC - Microphone and Computer input cable - MSRP $159.00

Model BCM-1000-WC - Microphone and 12' XLR cable - MSRP $164.00

Model BCM-1000-OM - Microphone and overhead boom mount - MSRP $179.00

All prices include shipping. All model numbers above come with owners manual.

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The Broadcast Barn BCM-850

The BCM-850 is our sister microphone to the BCM-1000. It also has a frequency response of  20~20Khz.

It is a front address (sometimes referred to an end) condenser microphone also designed for voice-over

work and announcing. Like the big brother, it operates on 48 volt phantom power or can be powered direct

from your computers microphone input. The BCM-850 has a smaller diaphragm than the BCM-1000.

All versions of the BCM-850 come complete with a spidermount to prevent vibration noise.


Broadcast Barn Electronics

Division of MPG Lighting

Belpre, OH  45714

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